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Vehicle Signage:
A perfect moving billboard for your business, brand, organisation or product!

Signage is considered to be a very cost effective advertising medium – considering it is seen by potential customers many times during the day whilst the vehicle is doing its normal deliveries and even when its just 'commuting'.

Our method of vehicle signage is applied using a 'continuous surface' approach for a maximum signage / branding effect. This is a combination of vinyl adhesive panels printed and applied to the body of the vehicle, and window graphics covered with a 'one way vision' material. One way vision is also sometimes known as 1 way mesh: when you're in the car you can easily see right through the printed sign - (you hardly notice it's even there!) But from the OUTSIDE it appears to be 100% coverage printed over your vehicle window.
(Note we also do this for office and/or shop windows).

The signage artwork may also extend off the glass area (e.g. onto the paint work or over window /door-frame) for a great visual effect!

At right are some photos of signage jobs we've designed and installed.
(And some close up views).

Let us know the type of car/s or size you have a need for and we can offer a full quote for the artwork / signage.

Installation: In the case of more simple car signage installation, this may be done onsite at your office for your convenience. (Though usually on complex jobs we'd need the car for a full day onsite at our signage depot).
Contact us today for advice or quotes.

Car Signage
Vehicle signage schematic design mock up / artist impression: all the fine details are worked out before installation, ensuring that the graphics are printed & positioned accurately. From concept design to installation, Wright Creative takes care of the entire process – providing our clients with peace of mind and utmost quality and value-for-money outcomes.
Car Signage
Actual signage - showing zoom areas pictured in detail below.
Car Signage
Car Signage

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