What is SEO?

SEO- Search Engine Optimisation done right

SEO Explained

SEO is Search Engine Optimisation which is not to say the process is about optimising the actual search engines, as the name implies. Instead, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) means that your website content itself is being optimised. Its wording is customised to your target audience. How is this done? More easily than you'd think: with specific keywords, key phrases and carefully selected visible content (as well as 'invisible' content such as embedded image descriptions).

Although it is relatively straightforward to describe WHAT tweaks must be done, the actual implementation in some cases becomes complex. This customisation of your content alone does not guarantee a high ranking but in the first instance it enables the various search engines to discover your website and display it successfully in online searches.

Many Search Engines exist: from the ubiquitous, like Google, Yahoo, Altavista, Excite... to the obscure like Cuil, Go.com, Amatomu, Hotbot, AOL, Live Search, Webwombat and many more.

The next step, once you have your content carefully written, is to work on building your ranking so that your links appear higher in the pages, or ranking, of the main search engines that your target audience makes use of! For a list of search engines and their industry sectors see here.

Successful SEO

Efficiency and SEO - Search Engine Optimisation success - tips and tricks of the trade

To achieve success in SEO and get your pages listed on page 1 of search results, your content must somehow solve a problem for your reader. In other words, write your content as if you are the reader of your website. Consider the following:
• What would you search for?
• What words might you choose? e.g. design, web design, SEO experts, business marketing websites in Sydney, if you are seeking Wright Creative
• What words would you use to find YOUR business in a search?
• If you hit the wrong key what would your word look like if it were misspelled?

Here are some ideas of what your written and visual content should achieve:

1. Make sure it teaches a valuable lesson, answers a specific question, gives a 'how to' guide, etc. Anything the reader would search, find and value.
2. Your content must be based on reputable research and resources.
3. You must offer unique copywriting - that is to say, a customised body of text that is relevant to each and every page of your website, and wording which is specifically written to support your chosen search/SEO strategy–which Wright Creative will help you to devise.
4. You should find a unique twist to content that may already be out there. Be different.
5. You must find a tone of voice that is unique to your business so you can inspire readers to want to visit your site again for further information.

White Hat

Making the most of good SEO writing techniques

'White Hat' writing means using only SEO techniques which are above board. (Black Hat which we would never, ever do is the opposite; the dodgy practices that can actually see your rankings slide due to your website being penalised by the search engines!)

Beyond detecting keywords and key phrases, search engines (known as spiders or bots) cannot understand the meaning of words in your content. (Which explains why search engines in the past have sometimes delivered unreliable results; poor-quality SEO managers improved rankings with gibberish articles and blog posts stuffed with various targeted keywords – all but meaningless to human readers).

Wright Creative not only writes great, relevant copy but we write in Australia, and English is our first language. And on top of that we are familiar with true Australian vernacular.

Therefore any content we write is bound to be high quality and suitable for English speaking, Aussie readers. (And yes, for the Poms, Saffers and Kiwis too!)

We are not simply concerned about spelling (auto spell checkers can usually handle that) but also correct syntax, grammar and precise use of RELEVANT wording all play a role in building your ranking. We also take care to use the correct tone of voice relevant to your audience. These things all help to build reputable search engine rankings and help you be found on the internet via search. SEO is not a science, it's become an art and we are very good at it.

We can help with overcoming your SEO challenges, and in the process deliver great results for your business. Get in touch today and get started.

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